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Store Medical Records the Right Way When Getting Pet Vaccinations in Raleigh and Knightdale


Well documented medical records facilitate better patient care and serve as a valuable asset to healthcare providers. The same principle applies to your pet’s medical history, which provides vital insights into their health conditions. Systematically recording the pet vaccinations in Raleigh and Knightdale given to your furry pals comes to the rescue in the following situations: 

  •         In emergency cases where past medical history reveals whether your pet is allergic to any medication or not
  •         In states where it is legally required to establish whether your loyal companion is a rabies carrier or not
  •       When transporting pets between countries or states requires you to prove that they have received all necessary vaccinations beforehand. 
  •         Service providers like pet groomers, trainers, and daycare facilities request to check records of shots given to your pooch. 

Our experienced professionals at Total Quality Mobile Veterinary Care advise you to protect your pets from life-threatening diseases. 

Modern methods of recording pet vaccinations in Raleigh and Knightdale and other activities leave no scope for hard copies getting lost or damaged.  Here are some novel and full proof ways through which you can easily access your documents: 

Software Apps 

Many pet owners, pet salons, and veterinarians prefer to use software applications exclusively designed to collate relevant pet details for their medical history. This option is convenient as you can view it even while on the move through your smartphone.

Records of Pet Vaccinations in Raleigh and Knightdale Can Also Be Stored on Cloud Services 

Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud are a few of the many platforms available to upload your pet’s medical history. We suggest you also cover inputs regarding vaccinations given and any other critical aspect that needs special attention. All this information is only a click away when you have an internet connection.

Thumb Drive 

Another alternative to storing your pet’s medical records is a thumb drive. Once you have a handy medium to insert the drive, you can conveniently access the information stored.

Take control of your pet’s health by compiling their updated medical history so that it is easy to access when needed. At Total Quality Mobile Veterinary Care, we suggest you outline relevant details in a clear, concise, and self-explanatory manner. For mobile pet vaccinations, feel free to reach out to our associates.


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