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Tips from a Mobile Vet in Hope Mills for Pet Preparedness Month


As an animal owner, being prepared for emergencies is always important. This month is Pet Preparedness Month, though, and a great time to really buckle down on making sure that you have solid disaster plans in place. As a mobile vet in Hope Mills, Total Quality Mobile Veterinary Care is here to help your pet live the best life possible. That’s why, in addition to providing quality veterinary care, we like to share tips and tricks for giving your pet the best care in between appointments. Keep reading to discover some helpful tips in honor of Pet Preparedness Month! 

Check Their ID

If your pet is microchipped and wears an identification tag, you’ve already taken some important steps toward protecting them if they ever get lost. But if you don’t get your contact information up to date, the person who finds your pet might not be able to reach you. Take a few minutes to check your pet’s tag and their microchip account, and make any necessary changes. 

Make an Emergency Kit

Every animal owner should have a pet emergency kit. If you don’t, this month is a great time to make one! It doesn’t need to be fancy. It just needs to contain the things you would need to care for your pet in an emergency. It should be kept in an easily accessible area, too, and be portable in case you ever need to evacuate. Fill your pet’s kit with: 

  • Copies of important paperwork (vaccination records, health history, etc.)
  • A recent photo of your pet
  • Extra collar and leash
  • Five-day food and water supply
  • Litter box and litter (if you have a feline family member)
  • Bowls
  • Pet first-aid kit
  • List of hotels within a 50-mile radius that accept pets

Schedule an Appointment with a Vet in Hope Mills

Scheduling a wellness exam with a vet in Hope Mills is the best way to ensure that your pet is in overall good health and up-to-date on important vaccinations. It also provides an opportunity to talk to an expert about what else you can do to be better prepared for disasters. 

If your pet needs a vet in Hope Mills or the surrounding areas, we can help. Call now to schedule an appointment. 


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