Important Update: Due to the safety of our team, we are no longer able to make appointments for dogs that have aggressive tendencies. This includes dogs that are fear aggressive and/or territorial. It is best that these pets are seen at a full-service veterinary hospital where heavy sedation is an option.


This is where you'll find out about our latest news and articles to provide you with the information you need to care for your pets.

Pet Ear Infections

Are your dog’s ears always itchy? Have you noticed large amounts of black, yellow, or brown material...
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Pet Spotlight! Abbe

This is a great example of what acupuncture can do for your pet!

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Does chronic pain have your pet feeling down!

Many pets live their lives in physical pain every day.

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Pet Spotlight! The Story of Goya

Goya was diagnosed with cancer. His owners decided to turn to acupuncture to help him with his disease.

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Pet Spotlight! Ginger

Say hi to Ginger! She is so full of love and energy, and she has the cutest little mohawk we've ever...
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Pet Spotlight! Buck & Peanut

Meet Buck and his sister Peanut! They were so wonderful to work with.

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Pet Spotlight! Parker

Check out Parker! Look how handsome he is!

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Pet Spotlight! Sassy, Banjo, Dayzee, Fiddle and Hazel

What a sight to see! Sassy, Banjo, Dayzee, Fiddle, and Hazel all relaxing after finishing their appointment.

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Pet Spotlight! TBone

TBone is a gentle giant! At 109lbs he is one of the sweetest big boys I have ever met.
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Pet Spotlight! Kyten

Say Hi to Kyten! This sweet girl enjoys cuddling up with her heating blanket.
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Pet Spotlight! Keady the Goldendoodle

This beautiful and super sweet girl was such an awesome patient.

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Now Accepting Appointments!

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting appointments starting November 30th.

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Breaking in my new Electro Acupuncture Machine

Electrical Acupuncture on this little guy, Dende, He's enjoying a nice nap during his treatment.

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Accepting appointments soon!

I am excited to announce that we will be opening soon!

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