*ask about our multiple pet discount

House Call

House Call Fee$50.00
Included with each appointment.

Outside of Service area: additional mileage fee (call for details)


An examination of your pet is required at each appointment.
Physical Examination$45.00
Recheck Examination$25.00


The examination is included in the acupuncture price.
Acupuncture (first time)$125.00
Acupuncture (follow up)$85.00
3 treatment package$275.00
5 treatment package$415.00


We do not offer full pet grooming
*Physical examination required for new clients, up-to-date rabies vaccination also required
Nail trim$15.00
Potty patch$15.00

Vaccination & Preventive Care

Dr. Hawley will help you to come up with the best preventive care tailored to you and your pet. Contact us for information on vaccination titers.


DAPP Vaccine$25.00
(Distemper Adenovirus Parvovirus and Parainfluenza)
Leptospirosis Vaccine$16.00
Bordetella Intranasal Vaccine$18.00
Lyme Vaccine$35.00
Canine Influenza Bivalent Vaccine$45.00
Heartworm Test$35.00
Intestinal Parasite Exam$40.00
Wellness Bloodwork$65.00


Rabies Vaccine$20.00
FVRCP Vaccine$22.00
( Feline viral rhinotracheitis Calicivirus and Panleukopenia)
FeLV Vaccine$24.00
(Feline Leukemia virus)
Heartworm Test$35.00
FIV and FeLV Combo Test$40.00
FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency virus) and FeLV (Feline Leukemia virus)
Intestinal Parasite Testing$40.00
Wellness Bloodwork$65.00

Euthanasia Services

Private Cremation $225.00
(remains returned)
Group Cremation$100.00
(remained not returned)


  • For our current clients, you are now able to do VIRTUAL appointments through video call or text chat.
  • For new clients, we can provide general recommendations and help you decide if your pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian.
  • Sign up today for Anipanion (www.anipanion.com) and unlock a world of convenience and health care from the comfort of your home
Video Chat$35.00
Normal Hours - Text Chat$25.00
After Hours - Text Chat$40.00

We can keep them happy!

Convenient veterinary care in the privacy of your home